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Reasons Why Ac Is Not Working.

Air-conditioner is one of the most important house appliances. Climate is hot, so we must set up an AC for its proper functioning in our homes, offices and shopping malls. It is very important to lower the room temperature efficiently and smoothly.

Well, it is always recommended to opt for the company’s Warranty and after sale service center if your Ac is not working properly. If by chance the warranty has expired or void it is still preferable to contact the manufacturing company’s service centre. In case by any reason you are unable to access the service centre, it is advised to seek help from expert technician before trying a hand yourself and inviting further trouble. If you think you have sound knowledge air conditioners, follow the instructions to assist you better.

If your ac is not working properly and not cooling your room, there could be a lot of reasons behind this. Some of the most common reasons for ac not working properly are

Dirty air-conditioner Filter

Air-conditioner requires a properly fixed and clean filter to work properly. Your air-conditioner can reduce its efficiency up to 60% if its filter is not clean. It can also cause health problems for the members inhaling in that air-conditioned air.

Blocked Condenser

It is very important part of your ac. Its blockage can seriously affect the cooling of the air-conditioner. Dust particles usually block the condenser that is why people are strongly recommended to clean their condensers regularly.

Leaked Refrigerant

This is one of the most common problems due to which air-conditioners do not work properly. It may leak due to various reasons. If your refrigerant is leaked, it should be located and fixed as soon as possible.

Dirty Evaporator

If your evaporator is dirty, your air-conditioner may not work properly. So it is important to clean the evaporator at least after once a year.

Broken Thermostat

Without having a proper thermostat your air-conditioner won`t work properly. You should have a look on it time by time to check is it working frequently or not.

Outside Fan not working

It is responsible for transferring heat out of your room. If it is not working, your room will not get cool. If not fixed early, it may also damage the compressor. So take a regular check on it.

Sensor Problem

Air-conditioner has a thermostat sensor behind a control panel which measures the temperature of the air coming into the evaporative coil. If the sensor is out of position, air-conditioner can switch on and off often. It should be near the coil and it should not touch the coil in order to work properly. To fix its position, bend the wires beside it.

Incorrect size of the AC and incorrect wiring in the room can also affect its efficiency to a large extent.

If you want your AC to work properly, you must need to see all these things regularly and try to fix them as soon as possible. So, in this way you can have your ac properly working and get benefit from it and enjoy your hot summer season.