Taking care of your air conditioner

Taking care of Your Air Conditioner

There are probably a number of reasons why your air conditioner (AC) may fail. As there are some that may require the skill and expertise of a professional, others you can handle on your own. When carrying out some research, you may stumble upon detailed information such as How to know about the problem of the electric control board of air conditioner, but all you need are the basics and leave the rest to an expert.

A common air conditioning problem is improper installation backed up by poor servicing and maintenance. If an AC is not installed correctly, it is likely to leak and has a poor flow of air. Quite often, the refrigerant does not match the manufacturer’s recommendations. All these factors contribute to the impaired functioning of a unit. The secret is to hire professionals during installation.

In case your AC fails, start by checking the circuit breakers and fuses. Let the unit cool down before doing so. There are also chances that the high-pressure limit switch on the compressor may have tripped. This mainly occurs on hot days.

Low refrigerant could be a result of undercharging during installation or leaks. This can be very harmful to the environment, and simply adding refrigerant does not solve the problem. You will want to hire an expert to fix any leaks, test, and repair them before charging the system with the right amount of refrigerant.

Proper maintenance on your part is also very crucial for the proper functioning of your AC. Do not allow filters and air conditioning coils to become dirty. This is likely to impair the AC, and the compressor or fans may permanently fail.

Electrical connections and contacts need to be regularly checked by professionals during service calls. Over time, wires and terminals tend to corrode. Moreover, compressor and fan controls can also wear out, especially if the system is turned on and off frequently.

Air conditioners usually feature a thermostat that regulates the temperatures and is located behind the control panel. This can be the cause of sensor problems. If the sensor is knocked out of position, the AC may not function well. Simply adjust its position by bending the wire that holds it so that it is near the coil but not in contact with it.

On humid days, check the condensate drain to ensure that it is not clogged and is draining properly. Improper mounting is a likely cause of this problem. If the unit repeatedly shuts on and off, it could also be a result of a dirty evaporator. Take some time to clean the entire unit and remove any obstructions.

Note that you may not be able to achieve maximum effectiveness under certain conditions. If temperatures are extremely high, you may not be able to achieve desired low temperatures, especially if your home is letting in heat from other areas such as windows and open doors. This is why you should always regularly maintain and consult a professional before making the decision to replace your air conditioner.

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