Reasons To Buy A Portable Air Conditioner

Reasons To Buy A Portable Air Conditioner

Have you ever considered the amount of money and energy that is wasted when using central air conditioning? If you were to calculate the loss due to the fact that you are cooling rooms that may be empty, it would be staggering. Portable AC is a great way to stay cool without the waste that other cooling methods involve. The ease of portability of the individual air conditioner unit also makes sure that wherever you go, you remain cool and comfortable.

There are many other benefits to purchasing a portable air conditioner. For instance, there will be no more back-breaking maneuvers to install a heavy window unit. No damage to the window sills, and also, no more worry about how you’re going to make your strange-shaped window fit correctly in order to hold a thru the window air conditioner unit. Installation and maintenance of the portable ac units is fast and easy.

Just unpack it from the box and remove a few packaging materials, and you’re ready to go! No more hours of unnecessarily getting out tools and ladders and wasting an afternoon laboring on what will eventually be only a seasonal 4-month install.

Once the quick installation is completed, you can then use the device to “spot cool” any room or area.

Just as with all air conditioning systems, there are a variety of features from which to choose.

Portable AC Features

  • The unit is on wheels for easy transport within one room or into another.
  • Variety of British Thermal Units (BTU)
  • A large unit may possess as much as 14,000 BTUs which will cool about 500 square feet.
  • Three fan speeds (low, medium, and high)
  • Remote control for turning the unit off and on as well as air levels.
  • Solid Multi-year Manufacturer’s Warranties are available.

Please be aware that not all units offer the same functionality, so it is important to research what it is you want and need before your purchase.

The cost of a portable air conditioner unit can range from 400 dollars to over a thousand. This is money well spent when you remember the loss of money and energy used with central air and the ease of installation and portability that is not possible with either central or window ac units.

In a time when financial intelligence has never been more important, a portable ac unit is a smart and worthwhile investment. Imagine the comfort of being able to spot cool any room you are in without throwing money out the window.

Not only will your portable ac unit create the comfortable environment you desire, but it also does the work of dehumidifying. Therefore you keep the air not only cool but dry.

Another point to consider is that one of the great things about having a room portable ac unit is that it can be an addition to the central air conditioning and cooling system that you already have. In some homes, ductwork doesn’t extend to every area of the household, or perhaps a south-side facing room is warmer than other areas in the house.

I know where I grew up; my particular bedroom was always the warmest room in the house. A portable ac unit would have been perfect for an additional kick in the hot summer months.

The more you think about it, the more advantages there are to these small portable air conditioning units. Finding one online at retailers such as Amazon can really be an easy process and save 15 to 30%. In fact, the end of summer is the best time to purchase one of the current model year units as retailers and stores will be clearing out inventory for the upcoming holidays. Buying in the “off-season” is a great opportunity to pick up a good deal on these semi-expensive portable AC units.

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