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Whynter ARC-14S Portable air conditioner problems

Portable air conditioners have a self-contained unit whose problems are easier to solve. They are portable and do not need installation. Hiring a repair man to tackle ARC-14S portable air conditioner problems is not necessary if you know what to do. Learning about the common problems that may arise while using these conditioners is essential. It will help you troubleshoot the problems.

Lack of efficiency in cooling
Normally, air-cons are used to provide extra cooling to a particular area such as a cabin or small room. It must not be classified with similar capacities of window ACs. Make sure you go through the user manual and use the conditioner within the correct square footage proportions. In case your conditioner feels too weak, the room is most likely too big. Keep in mind that these conditioners are not to be depended upon as the only means for cooling a large room at the peak of summer. In addition, make an effort of changing into clean filters. Open up your air con and wipe off dust and dirt from the coil. Examine to see whether it has iced up. Wait for the ice to defrost then turn the conditioner on again. If it still fails to work, then its compressor or motor may be the problem. Seek professional assistance as this stage.

Every time your air conditioning system stops functioning, it is easy to presume that it has short-circuited due to overuse. Attempt to turn it back on after cooling it for a short period. In case it does not work, there might be other problems involved. Firstly, check out to see whether the timer is on. In case it is, then the air-con must have stopped working with respect to its internal timer. Take note of the room’s temperature. If the room is cool enough, it is likely that the conditioner has failed to function because its temperature setting is at an elevated temperature than that of your room. Check out your temperature setting and adjust accordingly. Observe whether the conditioning system will restart once the room temperature begins to rise again.

Failure to start
There are few reasons that explain why the air-con may fail to start. Start by emptying water from the reservoir. If the water is full, a float switch will disrupt the power to the unit. Next, examine the power chord to verify whether it is plugged in properly. Also, check if the integrated circuit interrupter has tripped. Use an additional electric appliance within the same electrical outlet to check if the outlet is functioning properly. In addition, there could be damage to the system’s power chord.

Having little airflow
Check your conditioner tank for water. If there is enough water, the problem could be dirty filters or a frozen coil. The frozen coil within the condensors could signify a larger problem therefore, professional assistance is essential. The professional will come and adjust the refrigerant charge.

Generally, learning how to trouble shoot air con problems is essential. It will save you a lot of money.

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