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Problems Associated with ARC-12S 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Both the fixed and portable air conditioners like the Whynter ARC-12S (12000 BTU)have similar working mechanisms. Therefore, the common problems do not vary a lot, which means both units are diagnosed and repaired using similar methods. If your AC not cooling, some of the usual defects include the following:

Poor Wiring

In case the technician contracted to install the portable air conditioner did not do proper wiring, the AC may develop mechanical issues. Poor wiring can arise from power interruption in the system. In fact, the chances of tripping the fuse box arise due to bad wiring.

Defective Coil

If the coil inside the AC freezes, there is disruption in the airflow, and this is brought about by dirt in the filters. Equally, low amount of Freon can also cause the coil to malfunction. Lastly, if the return air ductwork is blocked, the AC coil can also break down.

Faulty Fan

If the compressor wears out due to overheating or any other reason, the safety workload can trip and this normally happens if the fan or fans stop working. When the fan stops working, other components will be affected or damaged. To avoid damaging other components, it is important to replace the fan the moment it fails.

Defects in the Outside Unit

The condenser can malfunction due to several reasons. One of the reasons can be associated with general power failure in the system. The other possible problem can come from a component that regulates the temperature, known as thermostats.

Problems with the Freon

If the Freon, also called refrigerant leaks, you should expect that the AC will develop a problem. It is important to seal the leakage to save the AC from further damage. When the AC indicates a drop in the Freon level, you need to look for a leakage then repair the refrigerant leak and recharge the system.

Basic DIY Solutions

When your AC refuses to start, the best place to start checking is the power cord. If there are no problems with the power cord, you can move to the fuse box. At the box, you should look for any signs of burning. Burnt out fuses should be replaced so that power can flow back normally. Secondly, if the AC stops working abruptly, check the timer because active timers may shut down the AC.

At times, the portable AC may start producing insufficient airflow. The defect may come from a blocked filter. You can rectify the default by cleaning the filters using water and mild detergent.

Conclusive Remarks

A portable AC system allows you to carry your unit whenever you wish, which is ideal if you do not want to install a fixed AC. However, you need to ensure that your AC is in tip-top condition all the time. You can do this by checking it regularly and cleaning the components especially the filters to avoid any blockage. However, if an AC develops a problem you cannot solve on your own, it is better to call a certified HVAC technician.

You can freely download Whynter ac’s user manual here.