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Important steps to keep window air conditioner working

Your window air conditioning system can be maintained regularly to avoid the inconvenience of living without one in extreme temperatures. Proper maintenance will ensure your unit energy efficient and long lasting. On the other hand, you are likely to pay more for electricity and repairs for one that is not well maintained. This is why you should learn a few important steps to keep window air conditioner working.


These are the least expensive and easiest maintenance items in your air conditioning unit. As filters are likely to get dirty or stuck with airborne particles you need to change or wash them often depending on your usage. Vacuuming the interior air ducts can be particularly helpful if you have pets. There are replaceable, reusable as well as custom filters in the market so it is up to you to choose.


Moisture that is absorbed from the warm air is usually discharged from the air conditioner’s drain tube. If the moisture does not drain properly, your unit is likely to freeze up and accumulate ice. You need to clean the drain tube regularly so as to keep the unit functioning effectively. Get rid of any debris that has collected and flush the drain with bleach.


These are usually located under the filter. As the coils absorb heat from the air and cool ingoing air, the dirt from the filters accumulates on them. It is recommended to use an appropriate fin comb to dust the coils regularly. You can also vacuum them monthly for improved efficiency.


This is the most expensive part of your unit so you should be very careful to ensure it works well and is properly maintained. Ensure the cage protecting the condenser is free of any debris and that there is a clear passage for air entering and escaping the system.


If your unit does not run on any setting yet it is receiving power, chances are that the switch is faulty. Locate the switch directly behind the control panel and check the terminals for burnt insulation. If the terminals are burnt, you have to replace the switch with one of the same type. You may need the services of a professional in such a case.

Make use of a timer

Newer models of air conditioners are fitted within built timers that are programmable thus enabling your to control when the unit shuts off. This has a huge advantage of reducing costs. If your model does not have a timer, you can consider purchasing an external programmable timer to save costs.

Adjust the fan setting

Contrary to popular belief, you do not really have to set your fan on high setting so as to achieve the best results. In fact, it is not entirely true that a high fan setting can best cool a room. Setting the fan lower will remove humidity from the room making it much more comfortable. Bottom line, proper care and maintenance are the secrets to ensuring your unit is running efficiently and effectively.

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