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Having Problems With Your Frigidaire Window Unit?

If you live in a space that is small enough to be cooled through the use of a window unit AC, there is a good chance you own a Frigidaire. They have manufactured the best air conditioning units on the market, but even then one may experience Frigidaire air conditioner window unit problems. Dilemmas may include a faulty fan, malfunctioning part, or even a refrigerant leak. In any of these cases, your Frigidaire product warranty should cover any problems, and it is easy to find service if you need it, even if your unit is BTU 5000.
Problem 1.
My air-conditioner is not cold enough.

Some of the factors that may contribute to this condition include dirty condenser coils, faulty thermostat, condenser issues, an air filter that needs changed, and a number of others. By obtaining a complete list and systematically checking each potential problem area, you should be able to narrow down the problem and take care of it.

Problem 2.
My air-conditioner is extremely noisy.

A problem with the dual-shaft fan motor, blower motor or blower wheel, or other mechanical issues are typically the reason for a clamorous unit. If you are unfamiliar with the various workings of the inner unit, it is best to call Frigidaire for assistance.

Problem 3.
My air-conditioner coils keep freezing up.

This issue can usually be narrowed down to to main causes: a sealed system leak or a dirty filter needs changed. A clogged air filter will block air from getting through the unit. This air blockage will expose the coils to the icy air, resulting in the freezing. Changing the filter will fix the problem. Otherwise, a system leak will require the assistance of a service person. Contact your Frigidaire dealer to set up a repair appointment. Keep in mind that this type of repair is very costly. If you are in position where the unit price was less than the repair price, it is probably best to look for another unit, unless you are still under warranty on the problem unit.

Problem 4.
I can’t turn of the compression unit on my air-conditioner.

A temperature controlled thermostat can be on of the problems here, and contacts within the unit may have burned out. Have this checked by your service person if you suspect it may be the problem.

If the condenser coils need cleaning it will cause the unit to work harder to reach a temperature it will never be able to reach. This will not allow the condenser to shut off. This is another problem that is best handled through a Frigidaire center.

While Frigidaire units are of the highest quality, they require regular maintenance to run optimally. By regularly checking the various aspects of the machine’s mechanics twice a year, once at season’s onset and then again afterward, you will see maintenance and repair costs being lowered. If you have any questions, contact you local Frigidaire dealership or you Frigidaire service center. They will be glad to assist you with any questions you may have.

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