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Frigidaire AC Temperature Problem and Solution

Frigidaire AC temperature problem is not exclusive to this manufacturer’s units only. Generally, an air conditioning unit can have temperature problems due to several reasons. Most of these problems are not very technical and can be solved easily. Other problems may require the intervention of a licensed Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning technician.

Possible Causes of Temperature Problems

Sensor failure is one of the most common reasons why an AC develops temperature complications. It does occur in some cases that the sensors are displaced because of moving the unit from one place to another; causing the unit to cycle regularly. By so doing, the unit is not functioning properly and will therefore not be in a position to maintain the required temperature levels.

Another possible cause is refrigerant leaks. In a case where the unit has low refrigerant, it could be that it was undercharged at the time of installation or there is leakage. Leaks are sensitive and should be handled by a professional so that after he or she has identified the leak, the air conditioner can be tested and recharged using the required quantity of refrigerant. This ensures safety of the unit and reduces unnecessary costs of future repairs.

Dirt and dust particles may also cause the unit to either produce very hot air or cold air. This dirt reduces the efficiency of the fans and clogs the system destroying delicate components in an AC. It is always advisable to keep the unit as clean as possible by cleaning it from time to time; this is the best maintenance for the machine.

If the condenser is faulty or stops working altogether, the temperature will definitely be affected. When checking the unit, you are supposed to ensure that if there are motors that have burn out or showing signs of damage, the best course of action is to replace them immediately. There is no point in waiting for the entire unit to go down.

How to Identify the Fault

A quick check of the AC unit can tell you what could be the problem. The first thing to check is the circuit breaker. In case the fuse is burnt out, the only solution is to buy a new one and replace it. If the fuse is alright, check the compressor because they too have a tendency to wear out especially if the unit is used for a long time.

Thirdly, check the amount of the refrigerant remaining in the air conditioner and make sure that it is sufficient as per the manufacturer’s requirement. If not, you need to replenish it so that the appliance can cool the air blowing through it.

Conclusive Remarks

An AC is a vital and necessary appliance in any office or home. In fact, if you do not want to deal with the hassles involved in installation, you may opt to have a portable air conditioner. However, if the AC has a fault that you cannot repair, it is important to call a licensed HVAC technician.

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