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An Overview Of LG LW8012ER Window Air Conditioners

Whenever you’re looking for a small size portable air conditioner, you should take a look at the LG window air conditioners. This is a simple unit without any high tech features but it does cool a standard sized room quite well. The one nice feature that it does have is a remote for use whenever you’re away from the unit.

Display and Controls

While there are no knobs, there are buttons that will help you to set the timer and condensors for both speed and temperature, making it relatively easy to program. The display itself is a bit old fashioned but it does give you the information you need.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The LW8012ER is a standard AC unit, that isn’t difficult to install and set up. All you need are some basic tools to quickly get this up and running. Then, as far as maintenance, you’ll see that there are very few parts such as coils, a fan and a motor. As such, you can maintain this unit all by yourself, thus saving you money.


This is a great unit whenever you don’t want to spend a lot of money to buy something easy to keep you cool. It’s Energy Star rated, which means that you’ll save even more money on your electric bills since it can quickly and efficiently cool a room then maintain that room’s temperature for quite a long time. Of course, the programmable timer does help with this since you’ll be able to schedule when to turn the unit off and on, thus helping with temperature control. With such a basic design, it’s easy to maintain. Even the filters are easy to replace since the inside of the unit is accessible via the front panel.


While this AC is going to be effective when it comes to cooling a normal room, the fan is a bit loud. Of course, you probably won’t be expecting this since the unit does run a bit on the expensive side, even though there’s nothing really special about it.


Ultimately, this is a pretty basic unit that can be used in any typical size of room. The features and controls are easy to use and the digital display ensures that you know just what you’re doing. All of this helps to make it a true favorite among home and small business owners. However, you do need to remember that the fan is rather loud, even when you have a relatively newer unit that’s been installed by a professional. You’d also expect that this unit wouldn’t be so expensive since it’s somewhat of an older model with nothing but the most basic features. Nevertheless, it will save you money thanks to its Energy Star rating and the fact that you really don’t need to have anyone install or maintain it for you. In fact, you really should be able to simply read the instructions and do everything yourself, it’s that easy to install and take care of.

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