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A Troubleshooting Guide for Sunpentown Air Conditioners

Sunpentown air conditioners will require some professional maintenance at some point. However, there are some minor problems that the owner can fix by themselves. A typical repairman will charge a certain amount of money for the repairs. The good news is that with a little knowledge and several household tools, the owner can do the repairs and save some money. This article is a guide on diagnosing Sunpentown AC problems and fixing them.

Fixing Window Ac Problem

Fixing Window Ac Problem

A common problem occurs when the Sunpentown ac’s is not cooling enough. If the compressor and condensors fan are both running, but the cooling effect is insufficient, then the unit’s temperature drop needs to be checked. The temperature reduction is determined by taking a measurement of the air temperature that leaves the air handler and then subtracting it from the temperature of air that enters it. For a high efficiency unit, the difference should be about 15 degrees. For an older unit, it should be between 18 and 20 degrees. Should the drop in temperature be significantly less than that, the refrigerant charge may be the problem.

Should the temperature drop be significantly higher, troubleshooting for the AC should focus on its air flow. Parts such as the filter, blower wheel or evaporator coil could be dirty. Usually, this results from failure to perform routine maintenance on the unit. It could also be caused by a duct system being too small, due to improper installation or design. The owner can increase the blower’s cooling speed or replace the blower motor altogether with a variable speed motor in order to solve the problem.

Another common problem is water leakage around the furnace or ice being observed on the lines that connecting indoor and outdoor units. If the furnace’s blower is running, the AC owner can check to see if there is any ice or frost around the unit. Should this be the case, then the outside unit should be switched off for several hours while the furnace’s blower is left to run. This will facilitate melting of the ice.

After several hours, the owner can resume his or her AC troubleshooting. The AC is switched back on and allowed to run for roughly five minutes. By feeling the larger copper line located at the outdoor unit, it should be cold with condensation around it. In case there is no frost forming on the line or it is not cold, then most likely it is a Freon problem. The owner will have to call a professional due to federal usage regulations for refrigerants.

A Sunpentown air conditioner could be having the problem of its outside fan blowing out hot air. If the blower is not running but its outside fan is, there could be a problem with the blower motor and its run capacitor, or the air handler/ furnace control board. Power to the unit should be shut off in case the fan motor is not running. The owner should then check out all wire connections for damage signs like burning, and then perform the necessary repairs.For the more information download sunpentown ac user manual from my bucket.